Sunday, 10 March 2013

Description (Part 3)

Bi Ismihi Ta'ala

Rasulullah (Sallaahu alayhi wasallam)’s description,
condensed from the Ahaadeeth of Shamaa`il Tirmizi

Part 3

The Seal of Prophethood was situated between his shoulders. It was a miracle and a sign of Prophet-hood. He is the last of all prophets.
[From different narrations, the Seal of Prophet-hood has been described as something like a knot on a mosquito net or bedstead, and like a red tumour (raised or protruding flesh) on the back of Nabi (Sallaahu alayhi wasallam), the size of which was like that of a pigeon’s egg (in roundness), and which also had a few hairs around it. ]

He was the most generous and most truthful. He was the most kind-hearted and came from the noblest family.
[This means that his character, family background and everything else was of the best.]

Any person who saw him suddenly would become awe-inspired.
[Rasulullah (Sallaahu alayhi wasallam) had such a great personality and dignity, that the person who saw him for the first time, because of his awe-inspiring personality, would be overcome with a feeling of profound respect. Firstly there is awe for the physical body; with this, when other kamaalaat are added, what more could then be said of the awe? Awe was amongst the special qualities granted to him.]

Anyone who came in close contact with him, and knew his excellent character was smitten with the love of his excellent attributes.

Anyone who described his noble features can only say: ‘I have not seen anyone like Rasulullah (Sallaahu alayhi wasallam), neither before nor after him.’